In the age of the Influencer and fast paced digital age, it is now even more important to get yourself out there. Gone are the days of hiding behind a great logo and website. We need to become more visible and that means looking your best. Facebook started as a simple format to connect with friends and is now one of the biggest platforms for promoting your business or services. Not to mention Linked In, Instagram and Twitter

Here are my 5 reasons why everyone needs a professional Headshot

1. It conveys professionalism. And that means the difference between your ideal client choosing you over your competition. Look smart, smiley and approachable and you’re half way there

2. Make yourself known. There is no point in hiding behind a logo with no face to your brand or business. Give a prospective client a reason to say hello if you meet at a networking event or out and about. And people want to see who they will be working with. If you’re a make up artist or hairdresser, let your potential clients see you in real life. You’ll become more approachable and easier to reach out too

3. Let people know how you look …. right now. Not 10 years ago, not at school, but right now. It will lead to authenticity when talking to prospective clients

4. STAND OUT - If it comes between someone booking you and the next guy. Make them choose you. Get the right photographer who will get the best out of you so you will stand out from the crowd. It’s worth it ;)

5. Become your brand. People only buy from those they like, know or trust and a first impression speaks a thousand words. If you want to get ahead in your business you have to be the face behind your business. Branding is you!!! 

If you get it right and then keep the same image across all your social media platforms, you will create trust and authority, which is paramount when leading your business with integrity

If any of this has helped, come and say hi ;)

Jen x

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